Image: Jon Tyson

I drew a line:
this far, and no further,
never will I go further than this.
When I went further,
I drew a new line,
and then another line.
The sun was shining
and everywhere I saw people,
hurried and serious,
and everyone was drawing a line,
everyone went further.

By Toon Tellegen

In this piece, Kirstin considers what it means to draw a line during these exceptional times and how practices of action and inquiry can support timely and transforming leadership. We invite you — as you read — to reflect on the lines you wish to draw in…

The aim of this short piece is to give you a brief insight into our Leading Through Storms online sessions; the background, what informs us, our intentions, what we plan for, and some thoughts on ways of working. As ever, life is fluid, and we know that things continue to evolve…

Hope it helps,

Jake, Kirstin & James

April 2021

Having discovered the Deep Adaptation work separately, the 3 of us, Alan Heeks and Hazel Hill Wood came together during 2019 with a common interest; to support leaders through these challenging, dilemma-laden and bewildering times.

Since then we have…

Leading Through Storms

Supporting people to discover their best adaptive responses to the climate, ecological & related crises, in community with others.

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